Rob at Bobby Long’s Wedding(x)

Rob at Bobby Long’s Wedding(x)

favorite twilight relationships (as voted by my followers) 
(#1) Edward and Bella

Kristen and Jodie, Cold Creek Manor Premiere (2003)

Kristen Stewart at Narita International Airport 

New ‘Maps to the Stars' Clip [X]

And then, as I tried to rearrange my schedule in a pointless attempt to avoid you, you were there — in that close, warm little room, the scent was maddening. I so very nearly took you then. There was only one other frail human there — so easily dealt with.

twilight meme

╗favorite male character: Edward Cullen

"I always tell you what I’m really thinking."
“You edit,” he accused.
“Not very much.”
“Enough to drive me insane.”

twilight saga screencaps — (x)
twilight saga screencaps — (x)

Fire and ice, somehow existing together without destroying each other. More proof that I belonged with him.